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Home Automation Concepts

How does sound being able to actually sit at home and relax without worrying about managing your residence sound ? Home Automation allows you to do just that because it essentially takes care of the mundane tasks for you. Home Automation was originally used for luxury homes, but today many home owners are taking advantage of it as well.

If you are thinking about incorporating automation into your home, MANSVI Automations will help you become familiar with the great benefits of home automation, the different things that you can automated and how to get started. Whether you have a large family or a single person, home automation is a possible solution to your safety and security concerns. After the home automation installation from the professional team of MANSVI Automations, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of leaving or returning to a safer and smarter home.

What is Home Automation ?

You can control things such as lights, entertainment systems, indoor climate, locks and security systems, appliances and more with home automation. Essentially, all you need is a smartphone or a tablet with the appropriate app to switch things ON / OFF (lighting and heating elements) or Decrease / Increase (Temperature of AC or Volume of music system) as you wish. You can even use home automation to dim lights or set them to desired brightness while you are relaxing on your recliner or control them when you are away or on vacation.

With home automation, you can also integrate the security systems and it is possible to remotely lock and unlock your home and check the status of it. This is an awesome feature available to lock the door for those who may have forgotten to lock the house while stepping out in a busy day or while going out on vacation. You can check the status of it too remotely.

Home Automation Concepts

Home automation is a step towards what is referred to as the "IOT - Internet of Things," in which everything has an assigned IP address, and can be monitored and accessed remotely.

The first and foremost obvious recipients of this approach are "smart" devices and systems that can be connected to a LAN (local area network), via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. However, electrical systems and even individual points, like light switches and electrical outlets, were also integrated into home automation networks, and enterprises have even explored the potential of IP-based inventory tracking. Although the day is still far off when you'll be able to use your mobile browser to track down a lost shoe, home networks are capable of including an increasing number of devices and systems.

What are the benefits of home automation ?

Home Automation Benifits

Home automation has been increasing greatly in popularity over the past few years. One of the biggest advantages of an automated home is the ease with which functionality can be managed through various devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

There are many reasons why people incorporate some form of home automation in their residences.

  •    Security – If you ever forgot to lock the door for example you can double check remotely on your phone and take the necessary actions to keep your home safe.

  •   Energy Efficiency – Accidently leaving ACs, Geysers, lights and other appliances ON can be very heavy on your electricity bills. With home automation, you can turn these devices OFF remotely or control them as you wish. If you live in a warm area and would like to turn ON the AC, you could choose to do it an hour before you enter the house to save energy instead of running it the whole day. Adds to your savings

  •   Increased Home Value – Having some extra features and functionality that home automation provides gives prospective home buyers an incentive because they know that the home was well maintained and secured, thanks to the technology of home automation. Home automation is always an added advantage as the whole world is moving towards advanced technology.

  •   Savings – While the initial cost of home automation may be something, it certainly pays off with the amount you will be saving over the course of time. If you remember that you have forgotten to switch off the light or AC and drive all the way back home versus have an opportunity to control them remotely is certainly a saving of time, effort, travel costs. You can leave behind you the high electricity bills caused due to leaving the lights or AC on and not having an opportunity to turn them OFF.

  •   Control – You will certainly appreciate the ability to control your complete home remotely in terms of safety and they way things are running inside.

  •   Convenience – With home automation, you will never have any regrets of not watering your plant, no complains of forgetting to feed your pet on time, or clean up the dust accumulated on the floor of your living or bed room. Home automation saves time on these routine tasks.

  •   Comfort – One of the 3Cs (Control, Convenience, and Comfort), needless to say when we feel safe, we also feel comfortable. Actually, in reality being able to control the AC remotely ensures that we never feel too cold or too hot at home. It feel home sweet home.

How to get started with home automation ?

If you have a smart phone and a wifi device at home, you are half done for automating your home. To understand more about automating your home, contact MANSVI Automations and it is a tad bit more than just downloading the mobile app. To start with automation, you need a few items such as the following:

  •   A Gateway - Even though the smart home can be completely controlled by the mobile app, some may require a gateway or a controller to be placed in your home.

  •   Controllers – Depending on what you are trying to automate these are the devices used to receive instructions.

Before determining which home automation package is right for you and your family, it is important to become better informed of the features and settings associated with home safety and security systems. Contact MANSVI Automations for more details.

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