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Gate Automation

Any normal gate can be automated to open/close it automatically. This becomes convenient for car owners and the entire household because you can control when vau leave and/or enter your home.

Gates can be remotely-operated which means you can USE the remote from inside the house or from your car once you get home. Just press a button and you can open ar close your gate from e distance and without stepping out of the car.

People think that owning an automated gate system is a luxury when in fact there are many more reasons that point to it being a necessity for every home and community.

Different Gate Systems

Sliding Gate

Motorized sliding gates use a ground mounted track for the gate wheels to move on. The motor in this system opens and closes the wheeled-gate by sliding it left-right or vice versa. Tracked sliding gates can have larger opening widths. Automation systems for sliding gates weighing between 200kg and 3500kg.

Swing Arm (Folding Gate)

Swing gates have a hard structure and usually rotate around a fulcrum. This gate system has a motor-controlled arm which acts as the lever to open/close the gate in or out. Automation systems for swing gates are available with leaves measuring between 1.3m and 8m in length. An automated gate enhances and increases the value of your property.

Automated Garage Door

Automated garage door openers provide a huge amount of Convenience and safety. Imagine you're in a hurry, it's raining out, you come out of the car then press the umbrella button and go out to open the gate to get your car out It just makes good sense to ask MANSVI Automations which garage door opener would serve you and your family the best

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