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About Professional Sound System

Professional Sound System

The company’s philosophy, right from the start, has been to create experiences that are designed to delight the customer, and the mission is to always give the highest value for the product or solution, through personalized care and service. Customers understand the significance of the professional sound system experience, because it helps them to realise their own entertainment aspirations with little effort.

Our Services

Home Theater


Family Room

Enjoy Home Cinema with family friends and relatives on every occasion. Relish the magic of movies with authentic studio quality display and sound.


Home Theater

Experience big entertainment at home with the best audio and video with customized lighting.


MultiRoom AV

You can also distribute your Pay-TV throughout your home without the need to prescribe to any further set top boxes.We are providing customized multiroom AV.


Any Tv To Smart TV

If you have a smart TV we can make it smarter. If you don’t have a smart TV, MANSVI can help make it smart by adding voice commands.

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